Amerase™ - Your Regular Botox Plan

Amerase™ - Your Regular Botox Plan

The Amerase™ program makes it easy to manage your regular treatments of Botox® so you can enjoy having a smooth, wrinkle-reduced effect throughout the year.

Regular treatments with Botox® have significant advantages over occasional treatments. The effects of Botox® can last longer and stubborn lines or wrinkles start to soften and lesson over time with smaller top-up doses needed on an ongoing basis.

By choosing Caci you also know you will be treated by the best. Caci are one of the largest providers of Botox® in the southern hemisphere, nationally we have treated more than 7,000 women with Botox® in the last 36 months.

How can I start?

Contact us for an initial consultation with our Treatment Co-ordinator about which wrinkles you would like treated. An Amerase™ program will be tailored specifically for your needs to address those facial lines and you will understand the treatments program, costs and skin benefits. Our cosmetic Nurse Specialist will advise and administer your scheduled treatments throughout the year, assessing your results and ensuring you achieve the benefits of Botox®.

Can I afford it?

The Amerase™ program makes paying for treatments very simple with payment plan options.

Your required annual Botox® dosage is calculated and split into easy weekly, fortnightly or monthly amounts so you can manage your payments easily.

Why should I choose Amerase™?

Click here to hear some Kiwi women's views and experiences on the Amerase™ program.

As well as enjoying the easy payment options and simplified schedule of treatments tailored for your needs, we will also reward you with an exclusive elleca™ membership.

As an elleca™ member you are entitled to a range of complimentary beauty therapy treatments including waxing, facials, lash and brow tints or brow shaping. Learn more about elleca™ here >

How do I find out if it’s right for me?

The best way to learn more is to call your local Caci on 0800 438 438 and talk to us in complete confidence, or email us.

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