Caci Beauty Rewards

Elleca™ Beauty RewardsBe Rewarded with elleca™

When you join one of our exclusive treatment programs Amerase™, Freedom™, or Reformaskin™, you'll be rewarded with an elleca™ membership.

This entitles you to a range of complimentary beauty therapy treatments including waxing, facials, lash and brow tints or brow shaping.

To qualify for elleca™ your program must be valued at weekly payments of $15 or more (excluding deposit) and the number of complimentary treatments you receive is based on spend and is discussed during your program consultation.


Which program is right for me?

Amerase - Your Regular Botox Plan


Your appearance medicine plan to manage lines and wrinkles using Botox® and/or dermal fillers.

- Personalised 12-month treatment program
- Long-term wrinkle reduction
- Treatment plan tailored by an expert Cosmetic Nurse
- Affordable payment plan from just $22.50 a week

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Reformaskin - Your Skin Treatment Program


Your solution to treating uneven skin tone, texture, red veins pigmentation and sun damaged skin.

- Combines world-renowned, skin-correcting treatments
- 48 week results-focused program
- Affordable payment plan

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Freedom - Your Hair Removal Program


If you're sick of waxing, shaving or tweezing unwanted hair, our Freedom™ laser hair removal program may be right for you.

- 12-month laser hair removal program
- an exclusive guarantee*
- Highly trained practitioners
- Affordable payment plan from just $15 a week

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Freedom - Your Hair Removal Program


If you have stubborn fat that won't go away no matter how much you diet or excercise, ChillSculpt™ could be right for you. 

- Uses controlled cooling to reduce fat cells 
- Non invasive
- Highly trained practitioners
- Affordable payment plan 

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