Freedom™ - Your Hair Removal Program

Freedom™ - Your Hair Removal Program

Freedom™ is a 12 month laser hair removal program of treatments that offers a long term solution to unwanted hair, with an exclusive guarantee*

Freedom™ combines all the expertise that Caci has developed over more than 19 years (the longest in New Zealand) of laser hair removal with:

  • Service excellence
  • Highly trained practitioners
  • Advanced Variable Pulsed Light (VPL) technology using the Energist VPL machine
  • Beauty rewards
  • An easy payment plan

Why should I choose Freedom™?

Freedom™ takes away the guess work associated with laser hair removal. Freedom™ offers a long term solution to unwanted face and body hair for a set price, a planned schedule of treatments and an exclusive guarantee.* 

If you do not get to an 80% reduction at the end of your treatment course the guarantee period will start. During the guarantee period, your Caci Treatment Provider will treat you for up to an additional 5 sessions at no further cost within a 12 month period. (The guarantee period starts immediately following the end of your 12 month treatment course).

Without Freedom™ you don’t know how much treatment will cost - some people may need 6 treatments while others require up to 14 treatments to achieve a good result. Plus, if you don’t get the right number of treatments in the right time frames, you may end up thinking the treatment doesn’t work for you.

Caci are the experts in laser hair removal. After more than 19 years providing laser hair removal we understand this treatment and what is required to safely provide you with the very best results.

Plus, our Freedom™ program offers you exclusive beauty rewards.

Can I afford it?

The Freedom™ program makes paying for treatments very simple with plans starting at just $15 a week for year's worth of treatment, followed by an exclusive guarantee* period.

Your program can be split into weekly, fortnightly or monthly amounts so you can manage your payments easily.

How can I start?

The colour of your hair and skin needs to be assessed to check whether you are a suitable candidate for treatment. Blonde, red and grey hairs are more difficult to remove and may not be able to be treated.

Some underlying medical conditions may exclude you from treatment as results can be harder to predict.

We offer you a completely complimentary consultation prior to treatment to assess your suitability and to provide a quote for treatment.

How do I find out if Freedom™ is right for me?

The best way to learn more is to call your local Caci on 0800 438 438 and talk to us in complete confidence, or email us.

Learn more about Laser Hair Removal at Caci here.

*conditions apply. Click here to learn more about the Freedom™ program guarantee.

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