Laser Skin Treatments with IPL & VPL

There are different types of laser machines that treat unwanted hair and skin concerns using an intense pulsating beam of light. While there are technical differences between the machines, for simplicity, we often use the term “laser” for them all.

At Caci we started with Lasers, and then progressed to IPL and now we use the latest generation VPL in all clinics. The variable settings mean that the machines can effectively treat different types from thicker underarm hair to finer facial hair. The VPL machine is also used for photo rejuvenation to treat pigmentation, red veins, and improve the skin's overall tone and texture.


Lasers have been used in health for a long time. Laser light, by its very definition (Light, Amplification, Selective, Emitting, Radiation) is very pure and very specific to its target.


IPL stands for Intense Pulse Light. These devices are usually shielded to restrict the wavelengths of light that emit. For example an IPL used in the removal of hair may have its wavelength clipped to be greater than 550nm but less than 900nm. In doing this you limit the chromophors that will react with this light. The other ways of modifying the treatment parameters of an IPL device, is to modify the intensity of the light, and the number of pulses that you fire within a short space of time, the pulse length and the rest time between each pulse.


VPL machineA Variable Pulse Light Laser (VPL) is similar to an IPL. They still have shielded wavelengths, and pulses, however the VPL can turn the lamp on and off for variable periods of time. This gives you the added advantage of allowing you to tune the light to match the properties of the chromophor you are targeting. Specifically the rate at which the chromophor radiates heat away into the surrounding tissue. This is called thermal relaxation. At Caci, a VPL machine is used for laser hair removal and photo rejuvenation.

More information about Photo Rejuvination for:

  • Fading or reduction of pigmentation, age spots and sun induced freckles
  • Reduction of fine broken capillaries, red veins and other minor vascular problems
  • Fading of diffuse redness
  • Improved skin texture and overall complexion
  • Production of Collagen

More Information about Laser Hair Removal

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We strongly advise test patches to be carried out for clients having their first treatment, we offer a free consultation with all of our laser treatments. To book your consultation phone 0800 438 438 today.