Real Story: I thought that you needed to be old and rich to have Botox®

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Are you in your 30’s and think that Botox isn’t for you?  I didn’t either, until I met the team from Caci Newmarket. I thought that you needed to be old and rich to have Botox® and that just wasn’t me.

I stumbled across Botox® at a workshop that covered a number of health and beauty topics. The topic I was least interested in was the appearance medicine. Sure, I had areas on my face I was unhappy with, but I thought I would just put up with them. When Sandra (from Caci Newmarket) started talking about the benefits of Botox and that you didn’t need to look like a plastic doll. My interest was piqued.

I heard three things that day:

  1. That the younger you start the more effective it is
  2. It is only in your system for 48 hours but the effects last 3 months
  3. Caci have a payment plan and it involves complementary beauty treatments, this means all of me will look amazing.

I booked a consultation with the lovely Gillian (Caci Newmarket's Treatment Coordinator); I initially went in to talk about the VPL treatment and tentatively asked about Botox®. Gillian put me at ease and covered all my questions, and the ones I was too embarrassed to ask. I signed up for both programmes immediately and committed to a monthly payment that was manageable for my budget.

I can’t say enough about what an impact Botox® has made for me, I went from being told I looked grumpy and to “stop frowning” to looking perplexed, within 24 hours. By the end of two weeks I was being complemented on looking so well and fresh and bright. All compliments I have never had before. I usually tint my lashes and have my brows shaped, but now when I do the definition is really impressive. I also enjoy wearing eye makeup and highlighting this area of my face more now.

I told my friend I was getting Botox® and she had an appointment the next week, and she loves it too. I would suggest you grab a girlfriend and give Caci a call. Really it doesn’t hurt a bit.

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