Take a closer look with Caci North Harbour - August 18, 2022

Take a closer look at your skin with Caci North Harbour on August 18th 2022!

Book your appointment with our Caci Skincare Trainer, Linda, and get an in-depth analysis and consultation with Linda and our Skin Scanner! You'll get personalised advice on your skin care and learn about what treatments and memberships plans are right for you.

🎁 Plus get 10% off skincare in clinic, 1-day only!

RSVP now to book your spot for a Skin Analysis with Linda: northharbour@caci.co.nz | 09 953 5610

Where: Caci North Harbour, 7/15 Mercari Way, Albany
When: Thursday 18th August, 10:30am - 6:15pm

Bookings are essential.

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