#Team Caci - Meet Queza, Caci Thorndon Registered Nurse

How long have you worked at Caci?

I’ve had the pleasure of being part of the team at Caci Thorndon for seven years now.


Can you tell us a bit about your Caci journey since you’ve been working here? (have you moved clinics/changed roles/learned new skills/gone away and come back) 

Having trained with Industry leaders like Dr Cattin and Dr Hart, and great mentoring from Caci National Trainers past and present, has shaped me into the confident injector that I am today. I’ve been on maternity leave twice and each time I come back, my team welcomes me - it’s like coming home! I’ve helped out nearby clinics like Caci Johnsonville and Caci Oriental bay as well.


Can you tell us a bit about how you got started in the industry?

Prior to moving to New Zealand, I worked for one of the premier Dermatologist/Appearance Medicine doctors in Manila. Over there, nurses cannot be nurse-injectors. After a few years working in aged care here in New Zealand, I was looking for a role that did not involve shift work, and that’s when I found Caci. 


What makes working at Caci so special for you? 

I see customers of different ages. Most need help with getting their confidence back. When a customer is happy with what they see in the mirror, my heart secretly does little claps! 


What are your future goals while working at Caci? (any role progression/personal development/new skills)

I look forward to Caci bringing new tech or new treatment modalities. At the moment, I am one of a few Caci Nurses that treat temples, but I am itching to learn how to treat more areas safely. Mentoring new nurses would be great too.


What does #skinconfidence mean to you?

Coming to work with just healthy, glowing skin! I’m not very good with make up, so I just invest in active skin care.


Primary skin goal or skin concern?

Congestion on my nose from all the mask wearing. I need to be more vigilant with using my Skinsmiths Overnight Glow regularly!


Go-to coffee order?

Tall decaf mocha, or a coconut hot chocolate.


Holy grail product?

Murad Revitalixir Recovery Serum, and Skinsmiths Overnight Glow.



Are you interested in joining us at #TeamCaci? 

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