#TeamCaci - Meet Chrissie, Caci New Lynn Registered Nurse

How long have you worked at Caci?
I joined in 2017

Can you tell us a bit about your Caci journey since you’ve been working here? (have you moved clinics/changed roles/learned new skills/gone away and come back)
I started off at Caci working part time in clinic and part time in the hospital in ICU. I then eventually took up full time working for Caci in New Lynn and now work there 4-5 days a week.

Can you tell us a bit about how you got started in the industry? 
I worked with Brandy (Caci’s Clinical Director) in ICU many years ago and watched her journey evolve. I always had an interest in the industry. After I had my first injectables treatment I was hooked and thought I will give it a shot.  Rang Brandy quizzed her about the industry and applied for a job with Caci and here I am.

What makes working at Caci so special for you? 
Working as part of a great team and seeing my customers progress along their Caci journey and the confidence it gives them. I have seen some truly amazing results that have literally changed clients lives.

What are your future goals while working at Caci?
To be the best I can and to never stop learning. I can be a bit of a researcher and like to follow what is happening in the industry. I would love to do some international conferences when we can travel again.

What does #skinconfidence mean to you?
The ability to look good in your skin. I know it sounds corny but if you feel confident with your bare skin, no makeup you have reached a new level of awesomeness.  As Coco Chanel said; Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself.

Primary skin goal or skin concern? 
Anti-aging (isn't it everyone's? 😃)

Go-to coffee order?
Hazelnut Mocha 

Holy grail product?
I’ve got two must haves: Murad's Retinol and Renewing Eye Cream. 

Favourite treatment? 
Microneedling hands down, the addiction is real!


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