#TeamCaci - Meet Kelly, Caci Riccarton Senior Skin Therapist

How long have you worked at Caci?
I have worked at Caci Riccarton for 4 years now, I was lucky enough to be Kirsten’s (Caci Riccarton’s Owner) first Skin Therapist. 

Can you tell us a bit about your Caci journey since you’ve been working here? (have you moved clinics/changed roles/learned new skills/gone away and come back)
I came to Caci after 14 years in the beauty industry and have never looked back. I've worked in many different types of clinics and am proud to say Caci has by far been the best. I have had the opportunity to grow and up skill and work alongside an amazing team of trainers, therapist and nurses who I learn from every day. 
Within my time at Caci so far, I have had great opportunities to be involved with advanced training and education webinars as well as mentoring some of our junior therapist. Education is something I am incredibly passionate about, and I am always happy to share my knowledge and see others grow.

What makes working at Caci so special for you?
I love my time in the treatment room with clients seeing the changes in hair reduction, skin improvements and confidence grow is second to none. I feel blessed to be able to offer this to my clients every day. I love my Caci family and I’m excited to see what the future brings for me within Caci. 

Can you tell us a bit about how you got started in the industry?
After having young children with eczema, I made it my mission to learn and educate myself as much as I possibly could about skin and gut health related conditions so I could help not only my children but all my clients with those skin concerns. It's been an incredibly rewarding journey so far with some life changing results. 

What does #skinconfidence mean to you?
To me skin confidence means understanding your skin is an organ and it is a reflection of your inner health. When we have happy hormones and a happy gut, we have happy skin. It also means having confidence in your therapist to help advise and work with you to get results. 

Primary skin goal or skin concern?
My primary skin goal... now I'm heading towards 40!!!! Is to maintain and encourage my natural collagen growth as much as possible! Helloooo microneedling and frax!!!!!  

Holy grail product?
Overnight glow! I'm obsessed with this at home peel if you don't have this you are missing out! I also love the Skin Smith SPF 50 compact.  

Go-to coffee order?
Gingernut flat white! 


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