Skin 101: How To Make Your Products Last

It's always when you are shaking that bottle, desperately searching for that final drop, that you wish you had been more conservative months ago. #Feels. 

Desperate decanting be gone, we're here to give you the truth about exactly how much product you should be using. Because more, does not mean better.

Get your skincare portion breakdown below thanks to one of our skincare experts, Linda.

Cleanser: The truth? Always use a pea-sized amount. You tend to use less cleanser when you’re in the shower as the water allows the cleanser to transform into a more spreadable consistency, thus requiring less product. To really maximise your product, avoid double cleansing unless you're wearing heavy makeup.

Exfoliator: This can be done once to twice a week. If you're not wearing any make up, you don't need to cleanse first. Plus, if you have an exfoliating treatment such as Skinsmiths' Overnight Glow or Murad's Multi Replenishing Acid Peel, you can rotate these in and out with your exfoliator.

Toner: Three to four light spritzs across the whole face is enough when applying toner. Toning should be done while your skin is still damp, but not wet, from cleansing. You will require less when applying to damp skin. Dry skin absorbs product into one spot which means you could end up using a lot more than you need. If your toner isn't in a mist bottle, use cotton pads and dispense enough to slightly dampen the pad.

Serums: Rule of thumb, more is not better - it can be wasteful. Always apply a large pea-sized amount. Gently warm the serum on your finger tips for a few seconds, follow with gentle pats all over the face. Avoid rubbing the serum into your hands prior to application, as it rubs the serum away, meaning you'll need to dispense more.

P.S Dermal Rolling, also known as Home Rolling, before applying your serum, can give up to 80% more penetration! If are getting really low, use your serum every second night and dermal roll first. Always remember to sterilize your roller.

Eye Creams: Similar to its sisters, serum and moisturisers, more is not always better. Apply a rice grain-sized amount for both eyes. Pat and press.

Moisturiser: You are better to take a smaller amount of moisturiser and add more if needed, rather than taking a huge amount that your skin cannot absorb. Always start with a large pea-sized amount. Pat and press.

Face Mask: Once a week is all that is needed. If you're opting for a hydrating mask, rub it into skin instead of removing it. This will help you to reap the full benefits of the mask and help you save on moisturiser. Other masks, such as clay masks, can be used to spot treat your areas of concern.

Spot Treatments: Only spot treat if you're especially targeting something specific like acne or blackheads. It is better to use only when necessary. When the area of concern clears, manage with skincare, rather than continuing to spot treat, this way you can save it for flare-ups.

There you have it! Go forth and reap the benefits of your favourite products. Got questions? Send us a message on Instagram or Facebook