At Caci, we use Botox® in selected areas of your face to relax the muscles, giving you a younger, refreshed appearance by reducing the visible signs of stress and ageing. We also use Botox® for the treatment of excessive sweating (Hyperhidrosis).

Botox® can help soften and reduce your:

  • frown lines

  • crow’s feet

  • forehead lines

About Botox®

Botox® is a non-surgical treatment used to temporarily soften facial lines. Botox® is a natural, purified protein that relaxes wrinkle-causing muscles, creating a refreshed look.  Botox®'s active ingredient is derived from bacteria in sterile laboratory conditions in much the same way penicillin is manufactured from mould. Botox® has been used for over 20 years for the effective treatment of a range of medical conditions such as muscle spasms, eye twitches, over-sweating, migraines and cerebral palsy.

How does Botox® work?

Movement between your eyebrows leads to a frown, and smiling leads to lines around eyes and across the forehead. Botox® temporarily reduces the action of the treated muscles, preventing them from moving. This relaxation of the muscles can result in softer lines or wrinkles in the overlying skin, giving you a younger and fresher looking appearance.


What does Botox® treat?

Botox® treatments are used to reduce lines and wrinkles that form in the upper face.  As we age, changes occur at different rates in our upper, mid and lower face. In the upper face, 'dynamic' lines appear, in the forehead and around the eyes, when we smile or frown. These lines appear because various muscles contract to form different facial expressions. Over time, these expression lines being to linger a little longer, or become a little deeper, even when your face is at rest (these are called 'static' lines). Botox® relaxes wrinkle-causing muscles to help refresh your facial appearance.

What does the treatment involve?

The treatment is quick and simple. Minute doses of Botox® are injected directly into your muscles. No an The treatment only takes 10-15 minutes, and the results appearing gradually over the following few days. Results can last for up to 3 or 4 months. Watch this short clip to see how simple and quick getting Botox® can be.

Why choose Botox® at Caci?

We are Botox® specialists, and have been providing this treatment for over 10 years. We are one of the largest Botox® providers in the southern hemisphere, having treated over 10,000 New Zealand men and women in the last year years.

Caci only allow Cosmetic Nurse Specialists to treat clients. These specialists will talk to you about your desired results and whether Botox® is suitable. All Caci Registered Nurses have completed an intensive training program in the administration of Botox® and dermal fillers, including detailed study of facial muscles and anatomy. Caci also work closely with Allergan, the manufacturers of Botox®.
At Caci we offer the Amerase™ program, designed to make it easy for you to manage regular treatments of Botox® so you can enjoy having a smooth, wrinkle-reduced effect throughout the year. Click here to read more about the Amerase program.

To have any of your own specific Botox® questions addressed in absolute confidence, or for more information on the cost of Botox® treatments: Call us now on 0800 438 438 and speak to your local Caci clinic.

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