Photo Rejuvenation

Say goodbye to pigmentation and redness and hello to collagen!

This pulsed light treatment targets the signs of premature ageing including pigmentation, age and sun spots on the face, chest and hands. It also is great for reducing redness, treating broken capillaries, red veins and minor vascular issues.

An added bonus - it stimulates collagen production too!

Wondering if Photo Rejuvenation is right for you?

At Caci we offer free consultations to chat about your skin, concerns and the treatment and skincare options that will get you the best results!

Treatment benefits

Reduce the appearance of pigmentation and age spots

Stimulate collagen

Reduce redness

Improve skin tone and texture

Real Skin, Real Results

Frequently asked questions

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Post treatment advice

  •  Your skin may be pink or even red post treatment. 
  • You may experience some flakiness. It may feel a little like mild sunburn or windburn. You can apply a cold compress if required.
  •  It is possible for blistering to develop. If this happens do not burst the blister. You must contact your clinic for a review and further care instructions. 
  • Over the next few days you may find dark patches appear on your skin that we refer to as the ‘milo’ effect. Do not pick or scratch these marks, as it may result in scarring. If they occur they will last approximately 7 days.
  • Apply SPF50+ sunscreen daily. This is critical for the first 7 days.   
  • Avoid rubbing the treatment area, exfoliating products, coarse facecloths; this may cause friction, until the skin has returned to its pre- treatment condition. 
  • Avoid active skin products, such as those containing AHA’s (glycolic, lactic and salicylic acids), high doses of Vitamin C or A (Stieva A), for 48 hrs post treatment.
  • Avoid anti-inflammatory medication, such as Aspirin, Ibuprofen, (unless they have been prescribed by your doctor) for 3 days post treatment. 
  •  If you have sensitive skin, do not try any new products for 2-3 days post treatment. 
  • Avoid sun exposure, sunbeds or artificial tanning (including self tan) to the treatment area between treatments. This may prevent your next treatment, disrupt your treatment plan and may affect the outcome of your results.  
  • Avoid exercise or activities that may cause excessive sweating for 24-48hrs post treatment.
  • If required we recommend using mineral makeup only. 
  •  If you have any questions please call your Caci clinic.