Laser Hair Removal

A long-term solution for removing unwanted hair.

Go hair-free without the hassle of shaving and waxing with our laser hair removal treatment, designed to work with the body's natural hair growth cycle for optimal results. Laser hair removal is a safe and cost effective, long term hair removal treatment which achieves lasting results.


At Caci we are proud to be the originals! We first bought laser hair removal to New Zealand in 1994 and have performed over 276,000 treatments for over 25 years—so we know our stuff.  

We offer long-term hair removal with a Diode Laser. It's fast, treats a wide range of hair and skin tones plus it also has a cooling tip which means less pain! 

Areas we treat

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Treatment benefits

Long-term solution for unwanted hair

Smoother skin

Reduce ingrown hairs

Guaranteed results on our Freedom membership - see in clinic for terms and conditions

Real Skin, Real Results

Frequently Asked Questions

Freedom, your laser hair removal membership

Our membership has been designed to work with the natural hair growth cycle to ensure you get the best possible long lasting results.