7 Laser Hair Removal Myths Busted

Laser hair removal is an effective way to remove hair permanently from your body. It’s popular for a reason - it’s affordable, long-lasting and convenient! Whether you're a seasoned veteran looking to laser your next area, or you're a complete hair removal newbie—we're debunking those laser hair removal myths, as the Laser experts. Did you know that Caci was one of the first clinics to offer laser hair removal—in the world?

Don’t let a myth hold you back! Here are 7 laser hair removal myths debunked.  

Myth 1: Laser Hair removal will remove hair on the first treatment

Generally, most people can expect to see results within 1-2 weeks following their first treatment, as some hairs may begin to fall out. However, it is really after your second or third treatment you will likely start to see results. Laser hair removal works by targeting the hair follicles to delay further hair growth. Our lasers target multiple hair follicles at a time, but you may need a couple of treatments to see a reduction in growth.  Keep in mind that everybody is different and results will vary. Our team will recommend the best treatment schedule for you to treat your hair in the Anagen 'growing' phase to get the best results. While it may take a few treatments, results last longer than traditional hair removal methods like shaving and waxing, which remove hair in one treatment but quickly grow back.

Laser hair removal

Myth 2:  Laser hair removal is painful

This myth is false - for the most part, laser hair removal is not painful. Most people describe it as uncomfortable rather than painful, and we take extra precautions to make it as comfortable as possible. At Caci we use a Diode Laser that has a cooling tip to reduce uncomfortable sensations. At Caci we pride ourselves on performing the treatments quickly and safely, so it is over in no time. All of our Registered Nurses and Skin Therapists are qualified and trained at our Caci Academy so you can rest assured you’re in the hands of the experts.

Myth 3: Laser hair removal requires lots of treatments

Laser hair removal requires fewer treatments than your average annual waxing appointments! For best results, we recommend 8 treatments, spaced 5 to 6 weeks apart. This is because we know good results take time. Plus it’s important we treat your hair when it’s in anagen a.k.a its growth phase. We have a membership called Freedom—it's just like a gym membership, but for working off that unwanted hair! Our team will put together a treatment schedule and payment plan too, so you can pay off your treatment over 11 months in weekly, fortnightly or monthly instalments. Plus you get exclusive member-only benefits like free facials, product discounts and more!

Myth 4: Laser hair removal isn’t safe

This myth is also false; laser hair removal is safe when done in the clinic, by a professional. That’s why it’s important to ensure you’re treated only by an experienced laser hair removal technician. At Caci our skin therapists and registered nurses are fully trained so you can rest assured, you’re in good hands. While there are some risks, as with any treatment, we have protocols in place to look after you in the event something may happen. This is very unlikely as laser hair removal is usually safe and effective for most people. There are minimal side effects that you may experience after treatment such as skin irritation and redness. These symptoms usually subside after a few days. If you have any concerns, you can always call your clinic. They’re on hand to help and support you throughout your laser journey. 

Laser Hair Removal

Myth 5: You can’t get treatments during spring or summer

While you need to avoid sun exposure before and after laser, treatments can happen all year round. Unfortunately yes, you need to avoid tanning in the sun or fake tanning (including sunbeds and artificial tanning products), while you’re having laser hair removal treatments. This is because tanning darkens the skin, making it harder for the laser to distinguish between the pigment in the skin and the pigment in your hair. The bottom line is it can disrupt your treatment cycle and make your results less effective, so it’s best to avoid tanning for the duration of your treatments. If you're ever unsure—ask your Caci Therapist!

Myth 6: Laser hair removal works the same for all hair types

The nature of laser hair removal works by passing light beams through the treatment area where it is absorbed by the pigment in the hair shaft and follicle. This generates heat, which loosens the hair and disables the cells involved in growing your hair. This is why we see the best results with dark hair—as the treatment is targeting the pigment. Blonde, red and grey hairs are more difficult to remove. Some underlying medical conditions or medications may exclude you from treatment as they can make the result harder to predict. However, we recommend coming in for a free consultation so we can assess your suitability. You may be able to treat some areas but not others depending on the hair pigment.

Myth 7: Laser Hair removal is expensive

Did you know that shaving takes approximately 10.9 minutes each time, assuming you shave three times a week—that adds up to 58.4 days of shaving!⁠ ⁠ And the cost? Calculating the average price of shaving products like disposable razors and shaving cream, that's approximately $10,207 spent on just shaving products in your life! Laser hair removal can cost around less than a quarter of the price of what it would cost to invest in shaving products over your lifetime. Not only are you saving financially but you’ll have more time to do the things you actually want to do. Like not worrying about forgetting to shave before heading to the beach! The cost of laser hair removal at Caci is based on the area you are looking to treat. Pricing begins at $19 per week on our Freedom Laser Hair Removal membership. You can choose to pay off your treatment over 11 months in weekly, fortnightly or monthly installments. Plus you get the exclusive member-only benefits too. For a full price list, visit our pricing page, or visit your nearest Caci clinic for a free consultation to give you the most accurate price.

Finding the right treatment for hair removal At Caci

Ready to enjoy being hair-free without the hassle of shaving and waxing? Book your free consultation now to learn more about Freedom, our laser hair removal membership, designed to get you the best possible long-lasting results.  Why laser hair removal with us? You know you’re in good hands at Caci because we are proud to be the originals! We first brought laser hair removal to New Zealand in 1994 and have performed over 276,000 treatments for over 26 years. Book your free consultation at one of our 65+ clinics now. Still wondering if laser hair removal is right for you? Take our hair removal quiz