Caci Membership Agreement

When you come to Caci and sign up to a membership with us, you will also sign a Membership Agreement. By purchasing your membership online (Pay it off or Pay it now) you are agreeing to the terms of this Membership Agreement.

Updated: June 2021 


Membership Agreement

We need to make sure you understand the terms of this agreement. Throughout these terms references to ‘I’ and ‘me’ are to you, the purchaser of My Membership.

‘I’ have agreed to purchase a Membership from My Caci (Caci location) 
Starting from the Membership Start Date: 

1. I understand that My Membership is non-transferable between customers and/or Caci locations.

2. If I chose to change to a new Caci location, I understand I will need to provide written consent to request a file transfer of my personal information from My Caci location to the new Caci location.

3. My Membership is: Your Treatment Advisor will fill in with you a table that reflects which Membership Type you are signing up to along with Details of that Membership.

Paying for memberships
4. If an ongoing membership; My Membership is ongoing and will continue on my selected payment frequency unless and until I notify My Caci clinic in writing to cancel My Membership.

5. If a fixed term membership; My Membership will continue for the duration of the term unless I notify my Caci clinic in writing to cancel My Membership.

6. I will pay for My Membership by either: You will opt for either a Pre-payment or Direct debit payments, this will be filled in on your physical agreement along with a clear Membership Payment Summary.

7. If I have elected to pay for My Membership by regular direct debits, I understand that:
i. The direct debit arrangement is with an elected third party that Caci has nominated and that I am responsible to manage the payments by direct debit in accordance with the third party’s terms and conditions which I have been provided prior to signing these Membership Agreement terms.
ii. I understand there is a setup fee and individual payment fees for each transaction as part of My Membership.
iii. I am under a contractual obligation to complete the direct debit payments specified in the payment authority documentation.
iv. I am required to notify My Caci in writing of any account information changes at least 3 working days prior to the next scheduled direct debit electronic funds transfer (EFT) date.
v. If I miss a direct debit payment, I understand there will be fees incurred. All costs incurred by My Caci clinic because of a default by me including but not limited to administration charges (e.g. reprocessing fees), debt collection costs and legal costs as between solicitor and myself shall be payable by myself.
vi. I understand that if a missed direct debit payment is not rectified within 14 days, My Membership may be terminated by Caci and any owing funds will still be due.
vii. Caci’s elected direct debit provider will make reasonable effort to inform me of failed payments by either the phone number or email address I provided on the Payment Authority.

8. If My Membership has a fixed term and I have not used all my treatments or credit on account, these must be used within 6 months of the Membership end date. If I do not use the treatments within this time frame, and there has been reasonable attempts made by My Clinic to service the scheduled treatments, I accept these treatments and/or credit will be void and no refund will be provided to me for treatments not received or credit not used.

9. My Membership gives me access to additional Treats:
i. 20% off beauty therapy treatments and advanced skin treatments.
ii. 10% off Skinsmiths skincare.
iii. Prescribed number of complimentary Treats, as detailed in the Membership table on page 1 of this agreement.

Treat Menu Terms and Conditions:
iv. Treats bookings are subject to availability. Maximum of 2 complimentary Treats can be booked each month.
v. Treats cannot be used as part payment for other services outside the Treat Menu.
vi. Treat appointments are up to 30 minutes.
vii. 48 hours’ notice is required for a cancellation/change to a Treat appointment. I acknowledge that if I cancel an appointment on the day or I do not show up for a scheduled appointment, that this is a time cost to my Treatment Provider. Therefore, at the clinic’s discretion, if I do not attend a scheduled appointment without notifying my Treatment Provider at least 48 hours prior to its commencement time, I will forfeit that treatment from My Membership allocation.
viii. Treats must be used prior to the Membership end date. Treats cannot be used outside of this term.

Cooling off period
10. If I change my mind within 7 days from the Membership Start Date, I can cancel My Membership. I will inform My Caci clinic in writing before it can be actioned.

11. If I need to cancel My Membership, I must inform My Caci clinic in writing with 7 days’ notice before the cancellation can be actioned. If I do not give My Caci clinic 7 days’ written notice, my payments may continue until I have provided notice, as above.

12. If I cancel My Membership within 3 months of the Start Date, My Caci clinic may calculate the usual price of any treatments and product received at the current retail price and reconcile this against the payments I have made, and I will be liable for any underpayment.

13. If I am unable to continue with My Membership, I may cancel, or put it on hold as explained below:
i. I may put My Membership on hold for a minimum of 30 days and a maximum of 3 months.
ii. If I am paying by direct debit, a minimum of one payment must have been made before My Membership is eligible to be put on hold.
iii. While My Membership is on hold, I cannot use any Membership services or benefits for the duration of the hold period.
iv. At the end of my hold period, my payments will continue with my next scheduled electronic funds transfer (EFT) date.
v. My Membership must be active for a minimum of 30 days before it can be put on hold again.
vi. Suspensions cannot be backdated.
vii. Due to the nature of laser hair removal treatments, if you need to put your Freedom Laser Hair Removal Membership on hold your ‘up to 80% hair reduction guarantee’ (to the extent you are eligible for this guarantee) will be void.
viii. For hygiene purposes, any retail products received as part of, or in connection with, My Membership, whether or not they have been used, are not refundable on cancellation of My Membership.

14. I understand I am responsible for ensuring my contact details are correct, at all times. If I have not visited My Caci clinic and I am unable to be contacted for a period of 6 months, with reasonable attempts made to contact me by phone, text message and email, My Membership can be cancelled by My Caci clinic. If My Caci clinic decides to cancel My Membership; Caci will provide at least 30 days written notice that My Membership will be cancelled. On cancellation of My Membership my direct debit (if any) will be cancelled and any money owing to me will be placed in a hold account for a further period of 6 months. If I fail to communicate with Caci during the 6 month period, I acknowledge and understand that moneys held in the hold account will not be returned to me. After 6 months, Caci reserve the right to transfer moneys in credit to any other
Membership I have with Caci that is owing money.

15. I understand that I must let my Treatment Provider know if any medical conditions change in any way that may mean I am unable to continue with My Membership (for example, pregnancy).

16. I acknowledge that I will achieve the best results if I keep to the recommended treatment schedule as advised by my Treatment Provider, and I follow the prescribed before and aftercare. I will also attend regular Check Ins as advised by my Treatment Provider.

17. To the maximum extent permitted by law, Caci reserves the right to change clinic rules, regulations, or My Membership privileges at any time. If there are changes made to the price list, including but not limited to membership services and retail products, Caci will give me reasonable notice of the changes to occur.

There are more terms and conditions which apply to each of Caci’s Memberships; these additional terms also form part of this Membership Agreement:

Amerase®: Appearance Medicine Membership
1. My Amerase Membership entitles me to Botox® and/or Juvederm® units as prescribed and administered by a Caci Registered Nurse. They will decide, after consultation, on the dosage and placement of the Botox® and/or Juvederm®.
2. The number of Botox® and/or Juvederm® units in My Membership can be increased if I require more (after consultation with a Caci Registered Nurse). This will incur a consequent increase in the price of My
Membership (which can be paid either by a one-off lump sum or an increase in the regular direct debit payment amounts, which may incur an additional deposit and an increase to direct debit payments).

Freedom®: Hair Removal Membership
3. My Freedom® Membership entitles me to a fixed term (12-month) hair removal treatment plan, aiming for up to 80% reduction in hair.
4. Some hair colours and skin colours may not be treated; a Fitzpatrick Assessment will be completed to assess my suitability for treatment.
5. Some underlying medical conditions may adversely affect the opportunity of long-term results and make you ineligible for the Freedom guarantee.
6. I understand if I am having 2 or more body areas treated, the treatment cycle may differ, and I must keep to the recommended treatment intervals throughout My Membership.
7. I acknowledge that if I am eligible for laser hair removal treatments, the guarantee will be determined by my treatment provider.
8. To be eligible for the Freedom guarantee, the Ferriman Gallwey Assessment is used to assess hormonal influence of hair growth.
i. If the score is 1 or 2 (Low-Medium hormonal influence), I am eligible to receive the Freedom
ii. If the score is 3 or 4 (High hormonal influence), I am not eligible to receive the Freedom Guarantee.
iii. Facial hair treatments are not eligible for the guarantee due to the hormonal influence on hair growth.
9. If I am eligible for the guarantee and I do not achieve up to an 80% hair reduction as assessed at my final review at the end of initial fixed term (12 month) Membership, my guarantee period will start. Guarantee Terms:
i. I must keep to the recommended treatment intervals throughout My Membership and guarantee period
ii. The guarantee cannot be transferred between members and/or Caci clinics.
iii. The guarantee is only valid for the initial body area that has been agreed to be treated.
iv. If I need to put My Membership on hold for any reason, my guarantee will be void.
v. The guarantee period starts immediately following the end of the initial fixed term (12 month)
vi. During the guarantee period, I will receive up to an additional 5 treatments over 12 months.

Reformaskin®: Skin Treatment Membership
10. My Reformaskin® Membership may include Microdermabrasion, Hydradermabrasion, Fractional CO2 Laser, Laser Rejuvenation, Microneedling, Skincare Infusion, Caci Non-Surgical Facelift, Light Therapy, Skin correcting facials, topical treatments and skincare.
11. My Reformaskin® Membership treatments and skincare recommendations will be provided after
consultation, based on my skin concerns. Results vary between customers.
12. I will achieve the best results if I keep to the recommended treatment schedule and attend regular Check Ins as advised by my Treatment Provider, and if I follow the prescribed before and aftercare for my skin.
13. I understand if I am/want to be on a Rebuild or Restructure Membership, I must also be on a Skin Health Plan.
14. If I am on a Blemish Bootcamp, I understand that I will automatically start on a Skin Health Plan at the end of the 8 week Blemish Bootcamp.

ChillSculpt®: Body Shaping Membership
15. Caci does not guarantee results.
16. Results vary between customers. Best results are achieved when combined with a healthy lifestyle and diet.
17. For best results, Caci recommends 6+ treatments per body area treated.
18. ChillSculpt® treatments must be a minimum of 5 weeks apart, when treating the same body area.
19. My ChillSculpt® Membership entitles me to a set number of ChillSculpt® treatments, as outlined in the membership table (clause 3/page 1).
20. The number of ChillSculpt® treatments My Membership entitles me to can be increased should I require more. This will incur a consequent increase in the price of My Membership (which can be paid either by a one-off lump sum or an increase in the regular direct debit payment amounts).
21. I understand that photos and body measurements (including weight) will be taken before the initial treatment and at subsequent review appointments.

This Membership Agreement between the parties supersedes any prior understandings or agreements of the parties whether written or oral, express or implied with respect to its subject matter. This Agreement may not be amended or modified except in a writing signed by both parties.

All notices and other communications required or permitted under this Membership Agreement shall be in writing and shall either be delivered personally, sent by registered post, or sent by email. Any such notice shall be deemed given when so delivered personally or sent by email transmission to the email address most recently provided for such purpose, or 3 working days after sending by registered post.

By signing below, I agree to the terms and conditions detailed in this Membership Agreement: You will then sign and date your physical Membership Agreement.

Caci (the franchisee specified in this Membership Agreement) and Fab NZ Limited (as Franchisor) hold personal information about me that I provide to Caci including information contained in the forms I complete, photos taken for treatments, products and services (together the “Services”) that Caci provides to me and this includes patient records. Any information collected by Caci and Fab NZ Limited may be used for the purposes of their respective business operations and activities (including communicating with me relating to any aspect of the Services provided and for the proper maintenance of professional and legal records). I agree that Caci and Fab NZ Limited may share any personal information collected from me with each other, and any other company directly or indirectly owned and/or controlled by Fab NZ Limited or its related companies that I am interacting with or have a business relationship with, for the purposes set out above . I acknowledge and understand that if I do not provide requested personal/health information, Caci may not be able to provide requested treatments. I also understand that under the Privacy Act 2020 and the Health Information Privacy Code 2020, I have the right to access, and request correction of, personal/health information held about me. I may also request details of the organisations to whom my personal/health information has been disclosed.