Do you need to start using an eye treatment?

Looking tired? It might be time to start looking after your eyes… 

It’s a debate as old as time. Kind of like the anti-ageing debate, but a bit more relevant to our issues and our faces - do we need it? When do we need to start using it, and what does it actually do? Our eyes, like our faces, are all unique and while for some, dark circles and dry skin around the eyes is a key concern, for others it’s not even a consideration until much later in life. And depending on where you sit on this sliding scale, and depending on how freaked out you are about it, it really doesn’t hurt to pay special attention to your delicate eye area to keep those windows to the soul extra bright and alert looking. 

If you want to start incorporating an eye cream in your teens and twenties with the purpose of anti-ageing, it’s a good practice that you probably won’t see the benefits of now (because you’re still too young and beautiful) but you will later on in life, and you’ll be thankful you did. 

So to help you decipher where exactly you sit on the eye-skincare-no-eye-skincare-debate scale, here are a few things to consider. 

What’s your skin type and skin concern?

Because skin type matters when it comes to your under eye area.

Sensitive skin 

Issues such as blemishes, wrinkles, and dull skin are more common among individuals with dry or sensitive skin types. If your current ultra-moisturising cream isn't alleviating tightness, itchiness, or dryness around the eyes, consider opting for a more hydrating eye cream. For those with oily skin, avoid heavy eye creams and opt for a lighter gel formula that still provides effective treatment benefits. 

Skinsmiths PRO Collagen Eye Complex is the answer to your prayers, a potent solution designed to nurture the delicate skin around your eyes. Featuring a blend of powerful ingredients, including Retinol for enhanced cell turnover and reduced lines, SyntenolA for natural wrinkle reduction, and Vitamin C to boost skin firmness, our formula delivers visible results. Sodium Hyaluronate deeply hydrates and plumps, while a Ceramide Complex fortifies the skin's lipid barrier for a soft, smooth feel. Experience revitalised eyes with each application.

Ageing skin 

If sagging and bags are the key issue, and your skin can tolerate it, then there’s no harm in reaching for something a little stronger. 

Discover why the Murad Retinal ReSculpt Eye Treatment is your new go-to for ageing skin. It's crafted to tackle deep-set lines and wrinkles, visibly lift and firm sagging lids and folds, and restore elasticity, giving you a rejuvenated look. Murad’s exclusive retinal, a potent form of vitamin A, is packed in a special delivery system for maximum stability and targeted penetration into the skin's surface, making it 2.5 times more effective than free retinal. It's gentle on delicate under-eyes and lids, yet powerful enough to revitalise. Enhanced with gentian root extract and oat sugar extract, it amps up retinal's benefits, especially on droopy eyelids and folds, for a visibly lifted, firmer, and tighter appearance. 

If you're a fan of retinol, you'll love the results from Murad’s Retinol Youth Renewal Eye Serum for milder signs of ageing. For more advanced eye area concerns, step up your game with the Retinal ReSculpt Eye Lift Treatment to achieve enhanced results and corrective benefits.


If your skin is already perfectly hydrated and flake-free, congratulations! But for those occasional under-eye bags or dark circles after a late night, you’ll want an eye cream that targets those issues without overwhelming moisture (though a little extra hydration never hurts). Look for specific active ingredients that fit your needs: Caffeine helps reduce puffiness by constricting blood vessels. Peptide-infused collagen creams are ideal for plumping thin or hollow areas around the eyes. Antioxidants and brightening agents such as vitamin C protect against premature ageing caused by free radicals, while brighteners visibly enhance skin tone—some offering immediate results, others over time.

If only there was a product that contained all of these benefits, and came with a cooling and depuffing applicator… Murad is back at it again fixing all our skincare-related woes with the introduction of the Targeted Eye Depuffer. 

Imagine experiencing the immediate benefits of an eye depuffing treatment that not only instantly tones and brightens but also delivers long-term results. Introducing the multi-action eye treatment designed to cool with a specialised applicator tip. It instantly brightens the under-eye area while starting a journey towards visibly tighter, toned, and depuffed skin over time. Infused with a microcurrent-inspired peptide, it works to firm and tighten, enhancing the overall appearance. A revitalising blend of ginseng, lily, and caffeine targets under-eye bags, reducing their appearance. Plus, the Light-Reflecting Complex ensures instant brightness for a refreshed look whenever you need it.

Dark Circles

If you’re a dark circle sufferer, unfortunately it’s likely that genetics have a part to play. And while lifestyle adjustments such as ensuring you get enough sleep can help, they are not likely to erase the issue all together. That being said, a hardworking eye treatment can go a long way in reducing their appearance and making it look like you got those 7-8 hours off Zzzzs nightly. 

Experience the ultimate in brightening, soothing, and depuffing with Murad’s Gold-stabilised Vita-C Eyes Dark Circle Corrector. This innovative serum is formulated to combat dark circles, delivering visible results in as little as two weeks. The Vita-C Complex enhances the stability and potency of L-ascorbic acid, ensuring maximum effectiveness. Light-reflecting micro-minerals provide instant brightness, rejuvenating the eye area instantly. 

Just need a pick-me-up?

If you’re actually overall happy with the appearance of your under eye area but suffer from the odd puffiness after a big night out, the answer may lie in having a few under eye masks on hand. The Murad Retinol Youth Renewal Eye Masks are like kryptonite to bags and puffiness, delivering an instant boost of retinol to virtually erase lines, visibly firm and leave eyes looking ultra-refreshed. 

Ready to start your eye care journey

The long-and-short of it is that like all things skincare related, using an eye cream isn’t like starting a ball rolling that you have to keep up once you start. Does it help? Absolutely. Will it hurt to start and stop? Not necessarily. Give it a go, if you see results then stick to it and, as your wise fairy skincare Godmothers, we’re telling you that you will see the results later in life. If you’re still lost, pop into your local Caci clinic and ask one of our friendly staff for some advice on what may work for you and your goals. 

That said, the best anti-ageing treatment is always preventative measures AKA wearing sunscreen everyday. So, don’t forget to do that too.