Skin 101: Winter Skin

Warm fireplaces, mulled wine, cozy knits and dry…skin…

At Caci, we understand that the changing seasons can have a massive effect on our skin health – and winter is perhaps the season where we feel it most.

Read on as we discuss exactly what is happening to our skin in the cooler months, and what treatments we recommend to fight off the concerns that come with it.

What causes my skin to change in winter?

Sebum is the naturally occurring oil that our skin produces which acts as both a protective layer and a trap for keeping moisture next to the skin.

The cold air that comes with winter tightens our skin’s pores and reduces blood circulation which causes our skin to produce less sebum – meaning we retain less moisture.

We also see humidity levels drop during winter, meaning less moisture again!

From here we find our skin becoming dryer and dryer. And when untreated, this dryness can also lead to itchiness, redness, and general irritation.

What can I do to combat the concerns that come with winter skin?

To fight winter dryness and boost hydration at a deeper level, we recommend a Skincare Infusion. This skin conditioning treatment uses sound wave technology and micro currents to push an infusion of skin-boosting ingredients deeper into the dermis, where it can more effectively hydrate, reduce redness, and encourage collagen production and cell turnover.

For persistent redness, we offer a signature Murad Method Facial designed for even the most sensitive skin. Devise your facial in partnership with your Beauty Therapist by sharing your skin concerns, and together create a completely personalized 60-minute facial treatment.

For a quick fix, try a Murad Express Facial – specifically the Hydrating Facial. This hydrating facial uses the richest of products applied with the utmost of care, leaving your skin revitalized.

Needing advice on the best at-home products for winter skin? Check out our recommendations here.