The Ultimate Guide To Winter Skincare

Ok everyone, put your hands up if you’re currently experiencing dewy, glowy skin. If our predictions are correct, there’s probably almost no one with their hands up right now. For most of us, winter has the unfortunate side effect of causing withered skin, with heaters, arctic winds and for some literal snow not helping.

Basically, winter can be a total disaster where our skin is concerned, and if you leave your skin unchecked it can cause flaky, dry skin peppered with blemishes. We can all agree that this is not the goal! So here are some top tips for surviving the colder months without giving your face dandruff.

But first, how does colder weather affect your skin?

As temperatures drop and winter approaches, our skin is prone to changes due to a decrease in the oils it naturally produces, along with drops in humidity and blood circulation. This decrease in sebum production, along with the colder, drier air creates an environment where our skin is no longer able to trap moisture as well. This can lead to dryness, itchiness, redness, and irritation, all of which can be exacerbated if not treated properly. In order to combat these winter woes and keep our skin healthy, it’s important to take extra steps to replenish the lost moisture. Regularly using moisturisers and hydrating serums to maintain healthy levels of hydration is the key to preventing and treating the dryness and irritation common during the winter months.

How to look after your skin in winter 

Winter brings with it a new wardrobe and new skin habits. Here are our top tips for keeping that Summer glow all year round.

Nail your skincare routine

Winter skin needs hydrating products. Treat your skin like you do your clothing, if you’re having to layer on clothing, then you need to be layering on your skincare. Start with less, and then build up over time. How much your skin needs and/or can handle is individual to the person, but over the winter time, you can start with a less is more approach and if your skin is handling it well, then keep going. The more moisture you can give to your skin during this time the better!

 We’ll get to which products to use shortly!

Avoid hot showers

If you’re anything like us you may enjoy your showers to resemble the fiery depths of hell, but unfortunately, this can be seriously problematic for your skin. Try to limit the amount of time spent in the shower and the temperature, so you don’t exacerbate already dry skin.

Don’t forget to apply SPF

You might think now that summer is over it’s time to give the SPF a rest - WRONG. SPF should be worn every day, all year round. Pop on a moisturising sunscreen every morning and don’t forget to reapply during the day, especially if you’re spending time outdoors (but even if you’re not). This is the best way to keep the skin looking glowy and prevent sun damage. And yes, you can still get sun damage during winter.

What skincare products do I need in the winter?

Here are our top skincare picks to save your skin and protect your skin this winter.

Choose a rich moisturiser

Generally speaking, as the months get colder - the lack of humidity, coupled with the increase in central heating, can exacerbate dry skin. Lend your skin a helping hand by using a heavier moisturiser. This will provide your skin with an extra moisture barrier to combat any dryness. The Murad Intense Recovery Cream is the perfect man for the job, this luxurious moisturiser is customised with ingredients to offset skin stress and boost skin resistance, perfect for the cooler months

Use a moisturising cleanser

Every good skincare routine starts with a good cleanser, and winter is no exception. And it shouldn’t just be a tick in the box either, your cleanser should also align with your overall skincare goals. Because winter tends to go hand in hand with dry skin, the Skinsmiths Gentle Cream Cleanser is perfect for this season. This silky emollient-rich formula works to gently remove makeup and daily impurities while simultaneously injecting protective hydration into your skin to nourish dry and sensitive skin. Harnessing the strength of avocado oil, sodium hyaluronate and Skinsmiths hero ingredient, SauvigNZ, this is like kryptonite for dehydrated skin.

Avoid physical exfoliants

The right exfoliator is crucial for any skincare regime, but, remember to use it in moderation. Intense over-exfoliating may irritate your skin, especially in the colder months. Instead, try opting for a light chemical exfoliant that will help to brighten and improve your skin's barrier function.


Luckily for us, revolutionary innovations in the SPF space mean the days of greasy, pore-clogging formulas are a thing of the past. The next generation of sunscreens are not only rid of these annoyances, but they also come with added benefits. Take Remix Lifestyle Award Winning Murad City Skin Broad Spectrum SPF 50 as an exemplary example, this multi-tasking sunscreen will not only protect your skin from damaging UV rays, but its ultra-light formula also protects you from indoor blue light from screens or outdoor UVA and UVB. Perfect for long nights watching Netflix!

Are you ready to level up your winter skincare routine?

In the same way summer bodies are made in winter, summer skin is made in winter - and the earlier you get onto any skincare issues you’re experiencing the better! In the long run, having a few hard-working at-home products coupled with some in-clinic treatments will save you time, money and heartache in the long run. While there may be a lot of things we can neglect during winter (we’re looking at you social life) don’t let your skin be one of them.

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