Krista Coningham of Caci Blenheim comes out on top!

Westpac Supreme Franchisee of the Year 2022
Retail and Hospitality Franchisee of the Year 2022

Krista with the help of her team at Caci Blenheim has been acknowledged as 2022’s top Franchisee in New Zealand.

Krista purchased the 1 year old Blenheim Caci clinic in 2021, having been part of the team awarded the ‘Fastest growing new clinic’ award at Caci’s annual awards held in 2020. With a goal to keep building a high performing team and meaningful connections with their customers the Caci Blenheim team were awarded Caci’s top Gold Clinic Award in 2022.
“My great love of the Caci brand started over 20 years ago when I was living in an apartment upstairs from Caci Ponsonby. Every day I walked past the clinic on my way to my corporate job, always allured by the brand. My pipe dream was always to be part of this brand, but I could never imagine how. I was stuck in the corporate finance trap. Fast forward a couple of decades and here I am in Marlborough, the proud owner of Caci Blenheim. Pinch me!”
“Becoming a Caci franchisee is the most rewarding and fulfilling experience I have had. I am living my dream!”

Well, Krista has a great reason to be pinching herself – coming out on top at the Westpac New Zealand Franchise Awards 2022 held at the Cordis, Auckland on Saturday November 12.

From the judging panel:
‘This winner presented a robust, detailed submission with strong evidence of success, as well as commitment and enthusiasm.’
‘Krista is developing a successful business founded on good knowledge, experience and lots of energy. Her award entry showed a strong commitment to business, culture and the people who work there – eg. having a process around staff experiencing treatments and training them to deliver the services respectfully and professionally. Well done on your outstanding achievements to date.’

From Krista:
‘My heart rate went through the roof when the Franchisee of the Year for Retail and Hospitality was being announced and when I heard my name I went into a numb state!  I managed to get on the stage, and accept my award and managed to get a few words out that I had prepared and memorised just moments before.’

‘I always get choked up when I think about my amazing team at Caci Blenheim so I had to take a few deep breaths before I started – the silence was deafening! I was happy to get back to the table to relax and enjoy celebrating with my amazing support team from FAB Group (Caci Franchisor).’

‘I have a world class brand, processes and systems that have stood the test of time and continue to evolve to be the best in the industry and support from an incredibly passionate team of experts within Caci. As a business owner and franchisee, I have the flexibility and creativity to run my own business and make my own mark with the power of the brand right behind me.  Winning the Supreme Award has really sparked another little fire deep inside that has given me even more determination and ambition than before. Most of all I am thankful for the incredible team of talented and passionate women who make up team Caci Blenheim.  I thank them for giving me that moment. I would never have been there without them.’

From the Caci Support Team:
‘Krista has a courageous vision for her clinic and team, chasing goals with a real sense of passion and purpose.’
‘We are so proud of her taking home this win, it is very much deserved!’