Confidence, results and taking care of myself - It's a superpower!

Day 100…? What are days? 

As the lockdown got longer and longer in Auckland it made me aware of what really matters in my life. The results have been somewhat surprising, as we entered about week 10 it turns out I’d willingly give up restaurants, shops and some friendships for my regular Caci appointments. I’m absolutely not joking. If we couldn't see the end in sight, I might well be offering up my first born. 

My Caci fix has been a constant in my life for the last few years and while I frequently say I’d never give it up, this forced hiatus has only cemented my commitment. I was somewhat of a late adopter to the world of skincare at the age of 30 (my first facial!), decades of battling acne with various success had me feeling my skin wasn’t worth caring for, I was ashamed of it and felt I was to blame for not looking after it. Caci changed all that for me, the care and understanding I received at my very first appointment made me feel so worthy of this self-care, it made me optimistic and that made me excited. Ever since that day when I first strutted out of Caci clinic with a plan, things changed. 

It might sound a bit over the top to anyone who hasn't experienced it,  but the combination of the confidence I gained from my results, the knowledge I had to better look after my skin, and the act of doing something really nice for myself has impacted on every single part of my life. In that time I’ve gone on to have a much more public persona and to put myself out there, which as an independent designer and artist has been amazing for my career. If 4 years ago you told me I’d have to regularly appear in photos and videos for brands I would probably have locked myself in tears at the fear of it all. Caci has been by my side throughout all of this and makes sure I feel my best, inside and out. 

We can be so hard on ourselves, especially as women, and commitments to our own self-care are almost always the first things to be sacrificed.  I’ve come to realise that my Caci treatments are non-negotiable when it comes to my well-being and when I’m feeling the least like going (time guilt, mental health pressure, work stress) I know that is the MOST important time to go. 

I’ll admit I'm struggling a little at this point in lockdown and my skincare routine is suffering too. I can’t wait to come in and see my Caci lovelies, get the pro advice and care, and get my head back into a better space too. It’s true that beauty is only skin deep, but feeling comfortable and confident in your own skin is a bit of a superpower, especially when shared with others.

I don’t know if all the Caci team know how much they can change someone’s outlook - on their day, their week, their whole sense of self, and the ripple effect of that is massive. 

Can’t wait to see you all again (I’ll get in line!) soon, loads of love, Evie xxx 

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