My Skin Story: Helen Black

Meet Helen, one of our Caci Ambassadors and member at Caci Lunn Ave. Get to know her better about her skin journey below. Find out what skin confidence means to her and how she practices self care. Because we all deserve 'skin confidence' right?!

What was your skin like in your teens/early 20’s?

I was quite lucky to have had an easy ride with my skin in my teens with no real skin concerns.  However, in hindsight, I wish I had known about the benefits of sunscreen back when I was in my teens and if I could give my younger self some advice I would say to stay away from all of the harsh stripping cleansers and masks that we all used back then!  The breakouts certainly caught up with me in my early 20's, which I think was a result of hormonal changes, using the incorrect skincare and making some poor lifestyle choices. 

How has your skin changed over time?

My skin was reasonably consistent throughout my teens, 20's and 30's but as I approach 40 this year, I have noticed that my skin has changed a lot in the past few years, I have gone from having quite oily skin to having a combination skin type. My skin doesn't "bounce back" as well as it used to so stress, poor sleep and poor lifestyle choices can be very telling on my skin. I find when I make intentional choices to keep myself well hydrated, well rested, make sure I'm active each day, letting go of everyday stress to laugh and play around with my kids and using the best skincare then the benefits to the health of my skin are really evident.

What have been your main skin concerns?

My main skin concerns are skin tone and texture and areas of pigmentation.  As I age, I have noticed the fine lines creeping in, which are not a ‘concern' as such - I feel like they are part of the privilege of ageing. 

How do you feel about your skin now/today?

I feel more comfortable in my skin now than I ever have.  My skin isn't perfect, but I've learnt to embrace the imperfections.  I used to hide behind layers of makeup, I still wear makeup but I no longer use it as a mask to hide behind and that's incredibly freeing.

What do you love about coming to Caci?

I can hand-over-heart say that I love everything about going to Caci.  I first started going to Caci on and off 14 years ago.  After several years of raising kids and being caught in the whirlwind of motherhood, I had hit a low with my skin confidence and knew I needed to do something for myself so I plucked up the courage to go to Caci for a consultation and I've never looked back!  Caci understands skin, they understand that our environment and lifestyle impact our skin and they are truly invested into the health of our skin and our skin journey.  I love the culture at Caci and having been to a few different Cacis as we have moved around the country, I can see the that culture of Caci is something that is consistent nationwide. 

How do you practice self care?

Self care doesn’t need to be complicated, sometimes it’s as simple as taking the time to practice a few things each day that make us feel happy, relaxed and grateful. 4 things I do everyday to practice self care - I start each day with water, I always light a scented candle when I’m at home. I enjoy getting out each day for some fresh air with my Frankie boy and exploring new places, and I love taking care of my skin with my beautiful Murad and Skinsmiths products. 


What does having ‘Skin Confidence’ mean to you?

I smiled when I read this question because all I could think of in one word was 'happiness'.  When I was at my lowest with my skin, I never imagined I would see that day where I would be able to say I had Skin Confidence.  Making positive choices around my health and wellness, including my skin health have impacted on my life hugely.  It may sound extreme but when I have skin confidence and feel healthy and active, the flow on effect is massive!  My mental clarity is better, I find it a joy to be around family and friends and have fun.  It feels good to be genuinely confident, content and happy!


Thanks for sharing Helen—we are so happy for you and your skin! Want to feature next? Get in touch!

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