Skin 101: Hyaluronic Acid

At Caci, we like to talk about hyaluronic acid a lot. It’s what dermal filler is made of and a popular ingredient in skincare. But what does it even mean? Keep reading for our complete breakdown.

When it comes to skincare, the term ‘acid’ can sound scary. Like texting your ex, acid on or in your face seems like a big no-no. But have no fear, our very own skin cells actually produce hyaluronic acid to maintain moisture levels. This means keeping your skin looking plump and dewy. No wonder we love to stand by any skincare or treatment that can give a boost of the holy grail ingredient!

Regardless of being called an ‘acid’, It’s not the type that is super active and can feel ‘stingy’ (like alpha or beta hydroxy acids which work to exfoliate the skin). It’s simply a magnet for moisture! Dealing with sensitive skin and still unsure about an ‘acid’? Good news! Hyaluronic acid is perfect for all skin types; sensitive, breakout prone, oily, and everything in-between.

Helping combat any and all types of concern, hyaluronic acid is truly multi-purpose with its mega moisture star power. It can help dullness, sensitivity, fine lines and uneven tone and texture.

How does ageing affect your naturally occurring hyaluronic acid? As we grow older, our skin cells produce less and less hyaluronic acid causing cell turnover to act sluggish. This causes lines, wrinkles and rough texture to form.

Now as we mentioned, hyaluronic acid isn’t only skincare, it’s the ingredient used in dermal filler too! As our body already naturally produces this ingredient, it means that when injected into our skin to help plump lips and restore volume, our body can easily recognise it. The other great benefit is that is metabolises through our system, so can last around 12 months, depending on the area – it’s not permanent.  

And that’s it! A simple not-so-scary breakdown of one of our absolute fave ingredients. 

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