The differences between IPL and laser hair removal
Looking for a more permanent solution to hair removal? Here’s how to know whether IPL or laser will work best for you. Whatever you decide to do with your body hair, we salute you! But if you're someone who is looking for a more permanent solution with less upkeep - this one's for you. 

We can all agree that shaving is an endless battle, you’re either physically in the act, resembling a hedgehog, or thinking about needing to shave - there is no in-between. Waxing, on the other hand, keeps you in a constant state of dreading something and also requires an awkward growing out phase. And let’s not get started on those weird plucking apparatus’ as we can all agree we’d rather light our hairs on fire than try one of those. 

To put it bluntly, when it comes to hair removal it’s just one of those things that’s best left to the professionals. Luckily for you, societies quest for hairless bods has brought about numerous (really effective) in-clinic treatments that can offer you semi-permanent results, with a fraction of the upkeep that traditional at home techniques require. 

IPL (intense pulsed light therapy) and laser are two of the best examples of these professional solutions. While both are great for those who endeavour to have less hair, each works better for different people. So if you’re considering getting under the laser or light, here are some things to consider

What is laser hair removal?

The answer to our hairless prayers that was once reserved for celebrities is now more accessible than ever. Laser hair removal is essentially a concentrated beam of light that is absorbed by the hair pigment. This damages or kills the hair follicle, which helps prevent future hair growth in the treated area. Incredible, right!?

How many sessions do you need for best results?

While results vary for every candidate, we recommend at least 8 laser hair removal treatments, with each treatment being every 6-8 weeks. 

You should start to see results as early as your second or third session, but don’t let this be a sign to cancel the rest of your appointments! If you want to see long-lasting results, consistency is the name of the game. 

Does laser remove hair permanently? 

It’s important to remember that laser hair removal is both a long term investment, and that results vary for everyone. While laser hair removal won’t remove 100% of your body hair for the rest of your days (as this is not physically possible), most people report an 80-90% decrease with consistent treatment. 

While no hair removal technique is considered ‘permanent’, as far as effectiveness goes laser hair removal is ranked pretty highly among its kind. After the initial 8-ish sessions, your expert laser practitioner will be able to advise you on how many ongoing maintenance appointments you’ll need for optimal results. Again, this varies from person-to-person, however, given that these appointments usually have many months in-between them, we can all agree it beats the battle with the razor. 

Will laser hair removal work for you?

Because laser hair removal works by identifying hair pigment, it typically works best for those with naturally darker hair. If you are unsure if laser hair removal is the right treatment for you, start off by taking our freedom quiz. 

We are also frequently asked whether laser hair removal is appropriate for women with PCOS, and the answer is yes! We have many clients who suffer from PCOS who have experienced great results with this hair removal technique. You can read more about this in our guide to PCOS and laser hair removal. 

If you’re unsure whether you are the right candidate for laser hair removal, the best port of call is always to consult one of our experts in-clinic. Bonus, all consultations at Caci are free! SImply book a free consultation and one of our experienced staff will be able to give you all the info you need. 

How painful is laser hair removal? 

Typically, laser hair removal is considered uncomfortable rather than painful, but take it from us - it’s a lot less painful than a wax! At the end of the day, pain and discomfort are tailored to the individual and their tolerance. 

However, the diode laser we use at Caci has a cooling tip, which helps make your experience as comfortable as possible. We also do our best to perform the treatment efficiently, so it’ll be over before you know it, and the results make it well-worth any discomfort! 

What is IPL hair removal?

IPL, or Intense Pulsed Light, is similar to laser hair removal in the way that it also relies on light directed at hair pigment in order to slow or stop hair growth. 

The main difference is that unlike laser hair removal, which is more targeted, IPL targets a larger area of skin using a scattered beam of light to reach the hair follicle. This makes it less precise, and can pose a slightly greater risk of damaging the skin.

How many sessions of IPL hair removal do you need?

When compared to laser hair removal, IPL requires a greater number of sessions in order to see the same results. 

Does IPL remove hair permanently?

Like all hair-removal techniques, IPL does not remove hair permanently and is therefore classified as ‘semi-permanent’. Like laser hair removal, the results will depend largely on where you choose to get your treatments done. It goes without saying that when it comes to these kinds of treatments, you’ve got to choose your provider wisely! 

It also pays to gauge how many maintenance appointments you will need once you finish your initial treatment plan, as this can significantly add to the overall cost! 

Will IPL hair treatment work for you?

IPL hair treatment is not always suitable for darker skin tones, as it can result in scarring. Due to the broad beam of light, any skin tone deemed olive or darker is at risk of being burned during treatment. IPL hair removal is typically a weaker treatment option, and is also therefore less likely to provide you with long-lasting results. 

How painful is IPL hair removal?

Like laser, most people describe IPL as at least a little bit uncomfortable but not painful, and again depends solely on the individual's tolerance. Due to its less concentrated light stream, some report IPL hair removal to be less painful than laser. However others report the opposite! 

Which is better: IPL or laser hair removal?

Like most things in life, both have their own unique benefits. However, if you’re wanting to break up with your razor or pesky wax appointments permanently, laser hair removal is the way to go. 

Because laser is more powerful and concentrated, it’s going to work better over long periods and require fewer follow-up appointments. It also has the added benefit of being suitable for a wider range of skin tones, causing less damage to the surrounding area. It is for these reasons that we are proud to offer laser hair removal at Caci. 

Membership options at Caci 

While the nature of these treatments come with very few potential complications - inexperienced ‘back-door’ practitioners may not spot a wart or skin infection that can put your skin health and hygiene at risk. If you’re ready to embark on your dolphin-like skin journey, you can’t argue with Caci’s over two decades of experience in the area. 

Offering expert service, top-technicians and state of the art equipment all at an affordable price. Our freedom laser hair removal membership allows you to stagger payments, while keeping consistent for best results. It’s like a gym membership, but for unwanted hair! 

The beauty of laser hair removal is that it’s a long-term beauty investment, and if you think of the yearly cost of archaic, painful and ineffective alternatives - you’ll end up paying yourself in both time and money in the long-run! 

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