Uneven skin tone? Here’s what you should know

If you’re struggling with uneven skin tone, we’ve got you covered. In this guide, we’re telling you everything you need to know about skin discolouration, uneven skin texture and all the other symptoms of uneven skin tone. So, if you’ve ever wondered what those pesky dark spots on your skin could be, this guide is for you. The reasons for experiencing uneven skin tones are vast, but most commonly are caused by some form of pigmentation or melasma. 

The harsh UV rays from the summer sun are one of the leading causes of uneven skin tone. With summer on the horizon, it’s a good time to understand how you can tackle this. However, the sun is not the only cause of uneven skin tone. But, we’ll talk more about this later in the guide. To help you combat uneven skin tone, we’ll be listing our hero products that can drastically reduce the appearance of pigmentation, leaving you with glowing skin. 

Here’s a brief overview of what we’ll be covering in this guide:

What is uneven skin tone?

What causes uneven skin tone?

How to get rid of uneven skin tone?

The best treatments for uneven skin tone

Let’s get started!

What is uneven skin tone?

You might be thinking to yourself what exactly is uneven skin tone and you’re not alone. Uneven skin tone can mean different things to different people. It’s often the name given to a wide range of different skin concerns. Uneven skin tone is linked with a few different conditions, so it’s important to seek advice from experts. If you think you might be struggling with this, book a consultation and we’ll be able to recommend which treatments will be suitable for your specific needs. 

What causes uneven skin tone?

More often than not the cause of uneven skin tone is some for of pigmentation or hyperpigmentation. Both are caused by the overproduction of melanin - which are the cells responsible for our hair and skin colour. This can cause areas of your skin to become darker, which can lead to an uneven look in your skin tone.

Like most things, the cause of pigmentation varies from person to person. But a few exacerbating factors include: 


As we age, our melanin levels will naturally decrease, which in turn causes the skin tone to change. When this happens, many people start to notice that they develop dark spots on the skin. While this is largely unavoidable, some treatments and products will help you reduce their visibility - we’ll get to those shortly! 


Hormones can also take a toll on our complexion. Estrogen is known to darken the skin, while progesterone lightens it. So if your body is overproducing either hormone, it’s normal to see changes in your skin tone. Unfortunately, this is another thing that we don’t have much control over. But, if you think your hormone levels are out of kilter, it’s important that you seek medical advice. You’ll want to rule out any medical condition in the first instance. 

Sun exposure 

Over-exposure to UV rays is one of the leading causes of pigmentation and uneven skin tones. That’s why lathering on a broad spectrum SPF is so important. A high-factor SPF will help ward off pigmentation, and other signs of premature ageing. So, before you head off into the summer sunshine, make sure you’re protected!


Pollution is something we don’t often think about when it comes to our skin, but our environment can vastly impact our skin health. Having a lot of exposure to pollution can cause dark spots to emerge on the skin, and again a great SPF is the best way to protect against pollution. 


Skin tone can also be greatly affected by acne. If you’re suffering from acne, you’ll want to ensure you’re doing everything in your power to avoid being left with acne-scarring.  These form small bumps on the skin which causes an uneven complexion. The Murad InvisScar Resurfacing Treatment is a holy grail product if you’re looking to minimise the appearance of acne scars. 

How to get rid of uneven skin tone?

You’re probably wondering about the best way to get rid of uneven skin tone if you are suffering from it. Here are our top tips for tackling different types of uneven skin tones: 

The right skincare 

Don’t underestimate the power of a good skincare regime. Consistency is key when it comes to skincare. Here are our favourite products for getting rid of uneven skin tone. 


As we’ve mentioned previously, applying SPF is a no-brainer. Unless your ambitions include wanting to resemble a leather bag by the age of 35, you’ve got to block up! While applying good-quality sunblock is important all year round (yes, even on those grim winter days) it’s of even greater importance as we approach the sunny season.   Over-exposure to the sun is one of the leading causes of uneven skin tone, and if you’re already suffering, it’s crucial you protect your skin from future damage. 

Try this: 

Murad City Skin Broad Spectrum


Another cause of uneven skin tone is the build-up of dead skin cells. If you’re struggling with small bumps on your skin, particularly in your T-zone, you need a good exfoliator in your life!

Exfoliators are a great way to buff away dead skin cells, which is a MUST if you suffer from congestion. It’s also a great way to perk up dull skin. 

Try this: 

 Murad AHA/BHA Exfoliating Cleanser 


If you think about all the skincare buzz-words to come out of the last decade, it’s likely that vitamin-c springs to mind. But unlike a lot of fads, vitamin-c has earned its reputation and secured its spot in the skincare hall of fame for one reason and one reason only; it works. 

Whether you suffer from pigmentation, fine lines or uneven skin tone there’s a good chance vitamin-c, and the skincare it's featured in, is a recommended treatment. In its most basic form, vitamin-c works as a potent antioxidant that aids the skin's regeneration process. This is fab for uneven skin tone, and for bringing out a brighter, glowier you! 

Try this: 

Murad Vita-C Glycolic Serum

A healthy diet 

Diet can play a significant role in your overall skin health. In order to get the glowing skin of dreams, you need to glow from the inside. Taking a holistic approach is likely to improve your overall complexion. So, try increasing your intake of foods rich in vitamin C, these are believed to improve skin tone.  

Consistent skin treatments 

Another way to tackle uneven skin tone is with regular skin treatments. Think of skin treatments as a deep clean for your skin. This is a great way to not only treat the problem but to help keep uneven skin tone at bay. 

The best treatments for uneven skin tone

Skincare is undoubtedly crucial to combatting any skin concern, however, when used in conjunction with appropriate hard-working treatments, the results can be staggering. Here are a few we suggest for uneven skin. 

Sonophoresis Skin Infusion 

The Sonophoresis Skin Infusion has made (sound) waves in the beauty industry and for good reason. This non-invasive treatment uses soundwaves to penetrate moisture into the skin which results in reduced redness and smoother skin tone and texture. You’ll leave feeling like a beautiful, poreless wax figure and the results will just get better and better after each Caci visit. 

Microneedling (Collagen Induction Therapy)

Discolouration and acne scarring are extremely common after an extensive battle with skin conditions. If left untreated, these can really knock your confidence. But luckily for us - there’s a treatment that works wonders. Microneedling is an advanced treatment that helps to improve skin positivity for every type and tone. It works by penetrating microneedles into the skin, triggering the body's natural healing response and giving it a boost in collagen. This improves the signs of fine lines, pore size and skin texture. 

Photo Rejuvenation

This one is for serious dew-seekers. Wave goodbye to pigmentation and hello to a collagen-boosted glow with a Photo Rejuvenation facial! This pulsed light treatment targets the signs of premature ageing, including pigmentation and sun spots, and is also great for improving overall skin texture. 

Fractional Co2 Laser

Caci’s most advanced skin treatment offers elite results. Fractional Co2 Laser uses a fractional dioxide laser, this treatment promotes smoother skin texture and reduces pigmentation by triggering your body’s natural healing process. Once you see the results, you’ll want to delete every pre-fractional laser facial photo you’ve ever taken. 

Ready to start your skin health journey?

So, there you have it, everything you need to know about uneven skin tone and how to tackle this. If you’re wanting to achieve a smooth, even skin tone but also lead a busy life. Caci’s Reformaskin Plan is a great place to start. The expert team in-clinic will tailor treatments to your skin concerns, and offer you product recommendations that will help you achieve your skin goals. Book a free consultation today!