8 tips for glowing skin this holiday season

As you’re all probably well aware, the silly season is just around the corner. And as you’re also probably aware, the silly season comes with its fair share of excitement/stress/nerves and festivities depending on your approach. 

But no matter who you are, the festive season always means more socialising than what we do on an average week. This means different things for different people, but we can all agree that when we get tired our skin can tend to look a bit ‘meh’. And, if a selfie is worth 1000 words - let’s not let ‘meh’ be one of them this holiday season! 

While a bit of tiredness over the whirlwind next few weeks is inevitable, here are the Caci team’s top 8 tips to not let that translate to tired skin. Even if you’re feeling it on the inside, glowing skin on the outside will ensure people are none-the-wiser, and that you’re looking your best for all your social engagements of course. 

1. Always apply your SPF 

Doesn’t matter who you are, what age you are or what tone your natural skin colour is - if you’re not applying SPF daily, no amount of skincare in the world will be able to undo the damage of that big ol’ orb in the sky. 

It’s number one on pretty much every skin-related blog on the Caci website for a reason, it truly is the most crucial step in any person's regime. Not only does sunscreen stop you from getting burnt, although that is definitely a huge upside, it also slows down the signs of premature ageing. And yes you are still exposed to skin stressors when you’re inside all day - so even if you work in an office you still need to be using sunscreen every day!

Because in New Zealand we’re blessed to have our silly season bang-smack in the middle of summer, it’s an even more important time to be applying AND reapplying throughout the day. The Caci team love something that adds a little bit of hydrating glow in the morning, as well as protects against all the UVs. Murad and Skinsmiths offer so many fabulous sunscreens it's really hard to pick only one, but the Murad Essential-C Day Moisture Broad Spectrum is great for all skin types, is super hydrating and offers an SPF 30+ to boot. It also has such a nice refreshing kick of vitamin C which will give your skin an instant refresh first thing in the morning! Pair with the vitamin C serum for the ultimate morning pick-me-up. Add a shot of espresso to the mix and your attitude will be catching up in a flash.

2. Exfoliators are your friend 

There really is nothing quite like that post-exfoliant glow. In the warmer months, exfoliating is even more key to washing away dead skin cells and ensuring you keep your skin looking fresh. Depending on your skin type and its tolerance levels, you should be aiming to use an exfoliant around 2-4 times per week. Like all things skincare, consistency is key and if you keep using it consistently you should notice your skin will start to appear more even and less congested. 

You’ll come across two different exfoliators in life – physical exfoliants (think face scrubs) and chemical exfoliants (think acids and peels). While there’s no definitive answer about which is ‘better’ than the other, at Caci, we can’t go past a good peel. For an all-rounder, the Murad AHA/BHA Exfoliating Cleanser is just *chef's kiss* and suits nearly all skin types. 

Or the Murad Vita-C Triple Exfoliating Facial also combines the powers of physical, chemical and enzymatic exfoliants to gently but effectively slough off dead skin cells and leave your face looking revitalised. 

3. Keep your skin hydrated 

If you’re seeking the dew dragon then you’re going to want to make sure your skin is hydrated. An obvious ingredient on the road to hydration is to have a good morning and night moisturiser in your rotation. 

While these can be the same product, incorporating SPF into your morning moisturiser is a great way to get two crucial steps ticked off in one. You also may want to opt for a slightly lighter textured moisturiser in the morning, to avoid your skin looking or feeling too greasy during the day. The Murad Age-Balancing Moisture Broad Spectrum is a perfect morning option, being both lightweight and hard-working, it’ll absorb quickly into the face deeply nourishing the skin. Use after any treatments and serums and the moisturiser will work to lock in all that hydrating goodness and leave you glowing all day long. 

In the evening you can opt for a thicker consistency for a more intensive glow-up. The Murad Intense Recovery Cream is perfect to use before bed and is also a must-have for the stressful silly season. Dr. Murad has been studying the stressful impacts life takes on the skin since 1972, and formulated the Intense Recovery Cream to help combat this. 

It’s the most luxurious moisturiser to date and is filled to the brim with ingredients that help to offset the symptoms of skin stress. 

4. Don’t forget about your eyes! 

As we get tired or stressed, usually our eye area is the first dead giveaway! This being said, if you neglect your peepers, you might actually make yourself look as tired as you feel (horror). 

The skin under our eyes is thinner than the rest of the face, so they require their own type of targeted treatment to keep them looking plump and hydrated. The Skinsmiths PRO Collagen Eye Complex is a fabulous addition to any skincare routine. Formulated with a collagen-promoting complex of retinol, phyto-retinol and vitamin C this will firm, strengthen and diminish fine lines around your eye area. Or, if dark circles are your greatest concern, try the Murad Vita-C Eyes Dark Circle Corrector. This wonder product is formulated to target multiple causes and types of dark circles under the eye and is perfect to use morning and night for a refreshing glow under the eyes. 

If you’re wanting to really step up your eye game before the weekend or an important event, who doesn’t love an under-eye mask? Sit back, relax and pop on a Murad Retinol Youth Renewal Eye Mask for an unmatched boost of retinol that will virtually erase lines, visibly firm and leave your eyes looking refreshed! 

5. Eat well 

We’ve all heard phrases like ‘you are what you eat’ or ‘lit from within’ and they are all incredibly true - and relevant when it comes to skin health and appearance. Nourishing your body from the inside out is equally as important as ensuring you have all the best skincare products. Try incorporating healthy fats into your diet such as avocado and fatty fish for an inside-out glow-up. 

6. Cleanse your skin every day 

While cleansers might not sound as exciting as your favourite treatment, mask or serum, they truly are the unsung hero of the skincare world. They are the best way to remove dirt, oil and other unwanted nasties that build up on the skin and can lead to breakouts and congestion. They also ensure that all those more exciting products can penetrate the skin properly and do an even better job of making you a glowing goddess.

If you’re not sure which cleanser is right for you, pop into your local Caci clinic for some expert advice from our friendly staff! Or if you’re new to the skincare game, start with something gentle but effective like the Skinsmiths Gentle Cream Cleanser. 

If you’re wanting an even deeper cleanse, try double cleansing! You can start with an oil cleanser, and then finish with a hydrating cleanser. 

7. Incorporate a supplement into your diet

When you’re on the hunt for flawless skin, a supplement can make the world of difference. Taking a holistic approach to your skin will always allow for optimal results, so if you’ve got your skincare down-pat, you’re eating well and taking supplements you should notice a huge difference in your skin's health. 

Skincare supplements can target specific skin concerns and work their magic while you get on with your day. If you’re struggling with breakouts and nothing seems to be helping - we recommend trying the Murad Pure Skin Clarifying Dietary Supplement

8. Regular skin treatments

The best formula for glowing, healthy skin is undoubtedly to have a mix of excellent at-home products with more intensive in-clinic treatments. Because some things are just better left to the professionals… 

The best skin treatments to book before summer


Pre-summer is the perfect time to give your skin a deep clean. And no skin treatment does it better than a good microdermabrasion

It’s basically a non-invasive treatment that exfoliates, reduces congestion and improves skin texture. It’s the perfect way to restore that summer glow to your face! 


Hydradermabrasion is excellent at pulling out skin congestion and excess sebum while hydrating the skin through our active hydrating solution using electroporation. Electroporation helps the hydrating solution penetrate deeper into the skin resulting in that instant glow - perfect for your pre-social season! 

Sonophoresis Skin Infusion

The Sonophoresis Skin Infusion is designed to reduce redness and hydrate dry skin through soundwaves that gently penetrate moisture and antioxidants into the skin. It basically makes your face look like it’s just power-chugged a nutritional smoothie, and it’s completely non-invasive. Perfect for all year round, the Sonophoresis Skin Infusion is a lovely treatment when your skin is in need of a quick refresher! 

Is glowing skin on your Christmas wish list? Book your free consultation at Caci today!