Skin 101: Rosacea

Rosacea, pronounced roe-zay-she-uh, is the queen of redness. For those that suffer from rosacea, they know and it seems like, these days, it's triggered by almost everything in modern life. Alcohol, exercise, heat—you name it. Read on to get everything you need to know to tackle rosacea, and redness, if you're over the endless flushing... 

What is Rosacea?
Rosacea is a vascular skin condition that is characterized by inflammation, heat, pustules and visible redness and/or capillaries on the skin.

What causes it?
The cause is unfortunately not known but we do know genetics are a huge factor as well as environmental damage, lifestyle, medical conditions like high blood pressure and extreme heat. These are known as "triggers" that cause flare-ups. Maintaining a healthy and balanced microbiome (good bacteria) skin barrier is key to fighting the bad bacteria which can also be a trigger.

How is it different from redness?
You can have redness from sensitivity, over-processes skin, environmental damage or you can just be red! This does not necessarily mean you have rosacea, and with correct treatments and skincare, we can help you manage this.

What is the best treatment for rosacea?
We'd recommend starting with a LED Light Therapy treatment in clinic to manage inflammation, encourage healing and target bacteria. This can be supported with a range of skin conditioning treatments to nourish and soothe the skin. Once we have reduced inflammation and the bad bacteria, advanced treatments under our Reformaskin program like Photo Rejuvenation are a great option.

Best product for rosacea?
SPF, SPF and more SPF. Sun exposure will be one of your biggest trigger points! Keeping the skin well hydrated is important, as dehydration creates inflammation. Opt for soothing, calming and hydrating products as well as more activate ingredients like vitamin C, retinol, Niacinamide once your barrier is stronger. Oh and we can't forget a very new and exciting product... soon to be released by Murad that has been specifically created to calm and soothe the skin! Stay tuned for this one.

Anything else that can help with rosacea?
You can support rosacea internally by taking essential fatty acid supplements and probiotics are a great option to help create a health gut microbiome (because your skin, and everything else, is all connected and reliant on the health of your gut!)
Eat clean, but enjoy some treats, and stay hydrated! Water is your friend.
Avoid triggers such as spicy foods, alcohol, hot showers, saunas and (when you can!) stress—this releases cortisol which creates more inflammation.
Have the right corrective skincare to treat your skin condition and do refrain from the use oils on the skin.

Think you may suffer from redness or rosacea? Book a free consultation with one of our skin experts to chat about what we can do for you. We've had hundreds of rosacea clients who we have supported in their own journey to #skinconfidence. Send us a message on Instagram or Facebook. Or head into clinic for a free consultation with our expert team.