15 ways to reduce signs of premature ageing

At Caci, we are absolutely all for ageing gracefully, and we also appreciate that everyone’s perception of ‘gracefully’ is going to be slightly different. While some will take a ‘less is more’ approach to premature signs of aging, some of us don’t want to put a cap on our skincare products nor treatments, and we are in full support of both!

With that being said, however, no matter which camp you’re in there are steps you can take to help reduce the signs of aging on the skin. Whether you want to cut back and stick only to the basics, or whether you want to partake in all 15, we salute you. Ranging from wearing sunscreen every day (please, please don’t skip this one), to more intensive alternatives such as Botox and filler, let’s delve into all the ways you can help keep fine lines at bay. 

1. Start using skincare at a young age 

We’re not claiming to reinvent the wheel here, and it goes without saying that having a solid skincare regimen (and sticking to it) is absolutely the best plan for success. And the earlier the start, the better the results are likely to be because it’s a lot easier to prevent signs of aging than it is to turn back the clock we’re afraid! 

You are probably already aware that every great skincare routine contains the staples; a good cleanser, a hydrating moisturiser, and a good-quality sunscreen. But when it comes to your more in-between type steps you might need to seek a little bit more guidance. Serums are undoubtedly the heavy lifters of the skincare world, and you should definitely be using at least one that helps to achieve your personal skin goals. For anti-aging, it’s hard to find an ingredient that’s more beneficial than retinol, so if your skin can handle it, you should absolutely have this in your arsenal! It comes with a plethora of benefits, and warding away unwanted fine lines and wrinkles happens to be one of them. If you want to find out more about what skincare is right for you, check out our simple skincare routine guide, the best skincare routine for every season and how to pick skincare based on your skin type

2. Wear a high-quality SPF every day 

With the risk of sounding like a broken record, you’ve just got to wear your SPF every day ok! You’ve got a whole lot to gain from doing it, and nothing to lose. One such benefit is that it is absolutely the best way of preventing signs of aging on the skin. If you don’t believe us, just google ‘sunscreen twins study’ and prepare to be amazed! 

A good-quality SPF will protect your skin from harmful UV rays (which yes you still get exposed to inside and in winter), which is why we recommend using one every day 30 minutes prior to sun exposure. Just make putting it on after your morning shower part of your daily routine and you’ll be amazed how quickly it becomes a habit. A habit that could shave years off your face! 

3. Introduce retinoids/retinol into your skincare routine

I know we touched on this earlier but it’s so important it deserves to have its own step. Retinoids and retinol have long been crowned the holy grail of skincare ingredients when it comes to anti-aging properties. It works to plump skin and reduces fine lines and wrinkles, as well as helps treat other skin concerns such as acne and pigmentation. Basically, no matter what your skin woes are, there’s a very good chance that retinol can help you solve them. Whether you’re looking to brighten, tighten, repair or revive, you can almost guarantee that incorporating retinol into your skincare routine is going to help you get there. If you want to find out more about the it-girl of skincare, read our beginner’s guide to retinol! 

4. Consider antioxidants and peptides 

Antioxidants and peptides help protect your skin and skin’s natural barrier, which are all essential when it comes to your complexion. Both also have the ability to help revitalise skin’s building blocks which make it more resilient to other stressors, all factors that will determine how quickly the skin ages. Like most skincare products, quality does matter, so make sure you do your research before jumping in head first. 

Much like the other powerhouses of the skincare realm such as Vitamin-C and Retinol, antioxidants and peptides usually work best when combined with other ingredients that support their benefits. Look for both ingredients in moisturisers, serums and eye creams as these have the greatest amount of time on the skin and therefore have longer to absorb, as opposed to wash-off products such as cleansers. 

5. Try anti-aging skincare treatments 

At Caci, we offer a range of skincare treatments that can be used in conjunction with your at-home products to achieve staggering results. Here are a few of our favourites when it comes to treating signs of aging: 

Botox and Xeomin 

We will touch more on this later, but there’s a reason Botox and filler are so popular, they work! Whether you’re looking to soften forehead lines, crow’s feet or frown lines, Botox is a great way to go. 

Laser Facial Treatments

We offer two laser facial treatments at Caci; the Fractional CO2 Laser and the Laser Facial. The fractional laser treatment is more advanced and intensive, and it uses a fractional carbon dioxide laser to resurface the skin, triggering the body’s natural healing process which helps to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. 

The Caci Laser Facial combines a chemical peel and the benefits of thermal laser to provide a deep cleanse, and exfoliation and stimulate skin cell turnover which leaves you with a healthy, fresh glow! Book a free consultation at your local Caci Clinic if you’re not sure which treatment is right for you and your skin! 

Sonophoresis Skincare Infusion 

The Sonophoresis Skincare Infusion is also a great option for people wanting to ward away premature signs of ageing. Using soundwaves, this treatment will infuse antioxidants and vitamins deep within the skin which results in reduced redness, smoother skin tone, as well as stimulating collagen and deeply hydrating. 

6. Stay hydrated 

If you want that lit-from-within glow you’ve got to actually be glowing on the inside, and a lot of that comes down to whether or not you’re drinking enough water. Water is your friend! It helps to maintain your skin’s elasticity giving it that youthful glow, the Health Navigator New Zealand suggests drinking around 1.5-2 litres per day so get your Frank Green’s out ladies and gents! 

7. Get enough beauty sleep 

Getting enough sleep is crucial for all aspects of life, and skincare is no exception. Don’t underestimate the power of a good sleep for rejuvenating your skin! Aim to get 8 hours per night to allow your body to heal and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. 

8. Reduce your alcohol intake

We know a lot of you might not want to hear this, but alcohol can wreak havoc on our skin, unfortunately! It’s a known skin stressor and causes dehydration, which as we know can affect the elasticity of your skin. Excessive alcohol therefore should be limited if you want to keep your skin youthful and glowing. 

9. Think about Botox

If you’ve been tossing up whether or not Botox is the right treatment for you, read our guide to getting your first Botox or Xeomin treatment blog! It’s really not as scary as it sounds, and it’s growing in popularity by the minute. Botox is basically just a purified protein that is injected into the area you wish to treat, and temporarily reduces the amount of movement in the muscles. This means that unwanted lines which already exist are softened, and it also prevents lines from forming in those areas that aren’t already there. These are not fillers, they work to relax muscles which in turn treats lines and wrinkles that form due to repeated expressions on the face. At Caci, all Botox injections are administered by skilled, qualified registered nurses so you know you’re in good hands! 

10. Add a skin supplement to your routine

Skin supplements are often overlooked when it comes to skincare, but they can actually have a huge impact on your skincare goals. Adding a good supplement to your daily routine is another great way to help reduce the signs of premature ageing! 

The Murad Youth Builder Supplement is perfect for our youth-seekers, incorporating Vitamin C to support optimal collagen production, as well as glucosamine to help prevent collagen breakdown. All of which work as a defence against the visible signs of ageing. 

11. Consider dermal filler 

As we age our skin loses collagen and elasticity which can all lead to that slightly ‘sagging’ look. If you’re wanting to instantly add some volume and plumpness to your cheeks to help combat this, filler is your friend! Dermal filler works by having the product (at Caci we use Juvaderm and Belotero) into the skin. These contain Hyaluronic Acid which is a naturally occurring compound in the body, which attracts water to the injection sight. This results in a more hydrated, plump appearance and smooths out deep lines, folds and wrinkles. If you want to find out more, read our guide on everything you need to know about dermal fillers!

12. Try to keep your face relaxed

When you make the same facial expressions over and over, this is when you will start to develop lines in those areas. This is particularly common with frown and smile lines, and while we’re not telling you to never smile or frown, keeping this to a minimum will help to reduce the appearance of lines. 

13. Limit your time in the sun 

Ditch the tanning time for the self-tanner team! While wearing a good SPF will reduce the appearance of fine lines, avoiding the sun as much as possible is your best defence. If you still want that sun-kissed glow there are so many great self-tanning options available these days, you don’t need to put your health at risk to achieve it. 

14. Eat a healthy and balanced diet

A healthy diet is another great way to help reduce the signs of premature aging. Try incorporating healthy fats and foods with good high protein. Foods and liquids that contain antioxidants are also great for general skin health. 

15. Don’t forget about a moisturiser 

Make sure you have a good moisturiser in your skincare routine. What is usually the last step in your skincare routine is equally as important as the first, and no matter what your skin has to stay hydrated to avoid signs of ageing. Luckily there are a range of moisturisers available at Caci which are loaded with skincare goodies like antioxidants and vitamins, so you can choose the one that works best for you and your skin goals. 

Say hello to youthful skin with Caci 

If you’re wanting to find out more about the skincare products and treatments on offer that can give you a youthful glow, book a free consultation at your local Caci Clinic today!